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Energy Conservation

  • Weatherization

    WeatherizationWeatherization Program provides energy conservation services to low-income homeowners and renters to make their homes more energy efficient. The program helps to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating bills by concentrating on the problems of heat loss and air infiltration. Energy Conservation services, such as insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping, are provided by our trained construction crews to income-eligible households. Infrared Camera: The infrared camera is used to diagnose weaknesses in the insulating and energy-saving properties of a home. Areas of heat loss that would otherwise be undetected by the naked eye are made visible with the camera.

  • Emergency Furnace & Water Heater Repair or Replacement
    Emergency Furnace & Water Heater Repair or Replacement

    The Emergency Furnace & Water Heater Repair or Replacement program assists homeowners with the repair or replacement of unsafe heating systems or water heaters. Eligible clients must be homeowners approved for LIHEAP fuel assistance through Social Services.

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